Clipper King of USA

A thick made and well balanced bull that was researched and approved for the "Native" designation by AMSS. His half brother "KC Clipper Duke" is also in our program. Two breeders that I know who have used Clipper King throughout the years have both said, "you'll never see one of his calves being born - not even from heifers" and "I keep going back to using him because his progeny are reliable and always do well". These Scottish influenced bulls of the past are an important chapter in Shorthorn history, and they contributed greatly from the 1940's through to the mid 1970's. Don Wilkinson of Oregon had used Clipper King in a grass based program for many years as his lead-off A.I. sire for both purebred and cross breeding purposes with great success. There is very limited semen left on these Scottish influenced bulls of the 1960's, and we look forward to some exciting line-breeding and hope to restore some important genetics from them.



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Clipper King of USA  (shown here at 8 yrs. old)

Progeny example of: Clipper King of USA (and out of a Haumont cow)