In an effort to recapture a genetic base unknown or forgotten by many, we have begun a "Native Shorthorn" division within our herd for the preservation and propagation of animals whose entire ancestry traces back to the 1822 Coates Herd Book or the 1830 Clay Importation. We believe "Native Shorthorns" will play a vital role in the drive for low input and grass based beef genetics which will satisfy the consumers' palate, as well as work in the mainstream production of beef should they be asked to do so. 


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Hidden Hill Farm Shorthorns

Roy & Diane Lovaas

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Please Note: We do not have semen available for resale on these bulls, our supply is very limited.

Maid of Promise H 189th
Maid of Promise H 189th

Native Produced Offspring

Promise X President 26A

Cherry X Choice Mint

Cherry X Conductor

Promise X Trademark 3rd

Promise X Clipper King

Cherry X Conductor


Native Reference Dams

Native Reference Sires

Maid of Promise H 193

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Cherry 637th

For our original “native” Shorthorn female foundation, we began with a 6 year old Maid of Promise cow and a heifer calf from the Cherry cow line, both from the Haumont herd. Both animals, which lean to the beef side of dual purpose, are products of a long time linebred program with a history of production that has been distributed nation wide. The functionality and production of the Maid of Promise cow is a matter of record and we look forward to the genetic foundation she brings. The Cherry heifer exhibits tremendous potential, and inspires the knowledgeable breeder to exciting goals. We look forward to a long and highly productive life for her in our program.

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